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 Philippians 1&2 - a series for Sundays

Over the Sundays of June and July, David will be taking us through the first part of Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi - a church which Paul helped to set up some years before, when he visited as part of a pioneer missionary team (Acts 16:11-40).

It’s a letter about sharing. They might not think of themselves as missionaries, but he sees them as partners in the gospel (1:5). It’s also about joy – the words, “joy” and “rejoice” crop up all over the place. But it’s really about Jesus: the link between them, whether together or far apart (1:1), and the centre of everything (1:21).

07 July  Heroic Love  Philippians 2:1-11
               Leader - Neil   Preacher - David King
               With Thanksgiving and Blessing of a Child
               Followed by a Bring & Share lunch - all invited.

14 July* Emptying the Tank  Philippians 2:12-18
                Leader - Hovan   Preacher - Jon Hope

21 July   The narrow and wide gates  Matthew 7:12-17
               Leader and preacher - David King
               With a Service of Baptism for a Child

28 July  Being Helpful  Philippians 2:19-30
               Leader and Preacher - David King

              *Service of Holy Communion.

Image:  the site of the ancient city of Philippi in North East Greece, sourced from dynamic-media-cdn.tripadvisor.com.

To access a recording of any of David's June sermons in this series, click the appropriate link below.     

Making it! Philippians 1:1-10  (09/06)                                     All that matters Philippians 1:12-18  (16/06)
The Immortal Christian Philippians 1:18b-26  (23/06)        Fighting with my Family Philippians 1:27-30  (30/06)


Bishop Ruth's Visit

Sunday the 27th August 2023 was a special day for us. It's not often we get visited by a bishop; in fact, we don't think we've ever had a Sunday visit by a bishop in the 40+ years of our church's life.

But all that changed when the Bishop of Horsham got out of her car and greeted the person in a Hi-Viz jacket who was acting as our car park attendant. Reaching out her hand, she said, "Hello, I'm Ruth".

She radiated warmth, and hope, and encouragement before, during and after our service. Beforehand, she eyeballed early arrivers and looked around the building to get a sense of what might be possible in the future (not to criticise what happens or what doesn't).

In the service, she spoke about the value of the faith of every Christian - you can hear her sermon by clicking this link - and afterwards, stayed to chat with church members over coffee to hear their hopes and fears first hand.

When she left, something left with her; but the encouragement stayed behind. (Rom 1:12)


Saying �Goodbye!�

On Sunday 16th April 2023, we said, �Goodbye!� to our vicar � Rev. Howard Schnaar. Howard and Deirdre, with their daughter Bethany, came to us in September 2011. The years they spent with us were marked by humble service and gentleness of spirit, leaving us an example which, by God�s grace, we will be able to follow in the years to come.

Word picture - JESUS at the centre

In their last service with us, Howard and Deirdre gave the church this picture as a gift, to remind us to keep Jesus at the centre of all we do. They have moved on, but He is still with us � here in Broadfield.

Let�s keep praying for them: for Bethany, as she completes her university course in the coming year; for Deirdre, as she finds and grows into new roles in a new situation; and for Howard, in his pioneering outreach to the housing neighbourhoods in and around the town of Witham, in the diocese of Chelmsford.


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