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CtL in the Community

CtL working with others for Broadfield: Councils, Voluntary groups and Churches

Broadfield Churches

Although a Church of England church, Christ the Lord is a unique project. We work in close partnership with two other local church groups: the Roman Catholics and Broadfield Christian Fellowship, a local independent church. While we worship in our own way, we jointly share resources, funds, the site, buildings and many activities. The joint church activity is co-ordinated by a group called the JMC (Joint Management Council). The JMC pray together, make shared decisions and work together with other local groups for the benefit of Broadfield. As the whole Church and Community Centre are on church land the JMC reports directly to the church trustees, who own the land.

Crawley Churches

Christians in Crawley know that there is common ground in Christian faith and how it is lived and expressed. Across Crawley there are a number of joint church projects, all supported by CtL. We are part of the Lighthouse Project, taking school clubs and assemblies in many Crawley schools, including Broadfield. Lighthouse is widely recognised in Crawley for its excellence in educational and youth enhancement work.

Working with agencies and groups

CtL is a church made up of its local community: the people of Broadfield. We are passionate about the area, playing our part locally for the good of the whole community. It may be that you are reading this from within another town or community. We hope that some of the small developments here may give ideas for others to try in areas engaged in social and spiritual transformation. And we would be interested in hearing from you about any other ideas you know about.

Broadfield is our neighbourhood and the issues Broadfield faces are our issues. What we bring to things like crime, social exclusion or alienation of individuals is a personal confidence that everyone matters to Jesus Christ. God cares about everything and everyone. When we put our faith in Jesus into action we find that lives and whole communities are transformed. Not everyone we are involved with would agree with our Christian confidence and belief, but we are not about forcing people to accept our personal opinion. Our role is to work alongside others who share a passion for improving the lives of all who live locally, whatever their faith or personal background.

Faith developments and the Muslim community

Broadfield, and Crawley as a whole, is a diverse community. The major World faith groups are all present. Broadfield Mosque is close to CtL. Both the Muslim community and CtL recognise and respect that we have particular differences in our basis of belief and its expression, yet many common values. The leadership of CtL and the council of elders of the Mosque have liaised over a number of matters of local importance in recent years, seeking to work together and to share agreement.

Community developments

The church is a shared premises with Broadfield Community Centre. To book the community centre please telephone the Centre Office on 01293 531337 or visit www.broadfield.cc. We have regular contact with many governing and development bodies, giving a Broadfield representation to many situations.

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For more information, please call the Parish Office or email the Vicar directly